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Signs and Price list for Oregon Country Trails Signs


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Oregon Country Trail Sign

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Oregon Country Trails
Trail Sign Price List

Please Note: As of August 1st, 2011,
These signs will not have numbers. Leaving more room for your Business Name

These signs are made of   ¾”   MDO plywood, which is a very high grade exterior plywood that sign people have been using for many years.  ( At least 45 )  They are painted and primed with oil base exterior paint made for the sign industry.  The lettering is made of pressure sensitive vinyl that has a 7 to 8 year life expectancy, (It usually lasts longer). The smaller rider sign will be the gold color with burgundy lettering and will include hooks to attach to the main sign.

MAIN SIGN – This sign is 24"x18" and will have the name of your trail, your company name and your flyer listing number
Size                 One sided price                      Two sided price
24”x18”           $48.00                                     $65.00

RIDER SIGN – This sign is 24"x6" and will say “OPEN” or "Closed" (can say something else but remember it is a small sign)
Size                 One sided price                      Two sided price
24”x6”             $22.00                                     $35.00

HANGING BRACKET - The one shown in the photo above is made of cedar, unpainted with no stain or clear varnish . . . . . . $75.00 (Clear varnish or stain or paint will add $15.00 to the cost of the bracket)

We can provide hangers or posts for your sign as well.  As everyone’s situation is different so please call me  or email me at the address below.

To order signs please email at or call me at 541-258-7118.


At Bason Signs we are able to take your logo and turn it into graphics
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We can use either regular high performance vinyls or for an extra cost, 3m reflective vinyls